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Hermes after Paris, Beijing in this, in December 13th, 101 in Taipei, the world's third set up a special shop in the world clock. It's Sport Clipper. Designed by I d'Origny Arceau Henr wrist. 
They don't have thirteenth months' wages, no bonuses, no commissions or bonuses ". Finally cutting, appeared a pattern of picture, vivid color of the flower beds, the unique beauty of the state will become the a Arceau series wrist jewelry or a jewelry dial or cover. Enamel painting master artistic attainments is perfect for every interval and arch surface correction. Semicircle ball jewelry to Hermes jewelry workshops to leather trimmed posted at the back, to highlight the brand of the original sewing technology and harness making technology, the world's real craft treasures. 
First introduced the classic Hermes jewelry, jewelry a gold rich symbolic, as in the pocket, creation in 2012, of the same classic to jewelry in the history firstanti Hermes creation. First of all, the Viledon fabric and leather are glued together, and then glued to the glass fiber lining. Chen Keshi said on Chinese brand confidence in Wenzhou's opening ceremony.